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Sand Filter
Sand Filter Features :
• Higher specific velocity.
• Raw water can be used for backwashing the filter.

Advantages :
• Higher specific flow rate than conventional down flow filters thereby saving on Space & cost
• Very little maintenance required
• Lower backwash water requirement.
• In most cases, raw water can be used for backwash.
• The Multigrade sand filters filter is an ideal choice for all applications where a conventional sand filter is used.
• It is extensively used in side stream filtration of cooling water & in potable water treatment.
• It is ideal for filtration of clarified water.
• In addition it finds application in sea water filtration & in filtration of chemical solutions.
• For these types of filtrations rubber lined or epoxy painted filters can be offered.

Specifications :
• One vertical cylindrical Mild steel/FRP pressure vessels with dished ends. Mild Steel pressure vessel are painted internally with anticorrosive bitumastic paint and externally with a protective coat of red oxide primer.
• One set of internal water distribution & collection system.
• One initial charge of filter sand & underbed material
• One set of frontal pipe work & valves.
• Two pressure gauges to monitor head loss across the filter.
• One orifice board (optional) for indicating wash water flow to be fitted in drain sump. Maximum / minimum operating pressure will be 3.5kg/cm2g & 2.0 kg/cm2g respectively.
• Multigrade sand filters are available from 600 to 3000mn diameters.
Carbon Filter   
Carbon Filter Features :
• Light weight equipment.
• Easy to install - does not require concrete foundation.
The NG series of activated carbon filters are aesthetic, light and easy to install.

Advantages :
• Light weight equipment, which is easy to install.
• Do not require concrete foundations.
• Single lever operated multi-port valve makes it user friendly and easy to operate.
• Plastic pressure vessel do not require maintenance & are corrosion resistant.
• FRP pressure vessel, fitted with plastic internal fittings.
• Set of plastic frontal piping, linking multi-port valve/plastic ball valves to FRP vessel.
• Complete charge of suitable filter media with supporting under bed media.
• One pressure vessel.

Applications :
• For dechlorination of water for industrial/drinking water applications.
• Removal of organic matter from water.
• Filters are available in MS, MSRL, FRP, operating in Manual / Auto mode.
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